Generate a Joomla Hidden Webpage – A How to Tutorial

There are a lot of causes why you would want to create a concealed page in Joomla but regrettably inside the Joomla administration there are no uncomplicated methods of figuring it out. Discover why you may perhaps want to create a concealed page in Joomla and how to conveniently create inbound links to all those webpages.

The primary explanation you may perhaps desire to create a concealed page in Joomla is for subscriber thank you webpages that get the job done along with your mailing checklist supplier program. When you established up your mailing checklist, irrespective of whether it is with Aweber, Frequent Contact, GetResponse or any other mailing checklist supplier, you will want to customize particular webpages with the seem and truly feel of your web site fairly that making use of the mailing checklist default webpages. This will give your mailing checklist signal up system a a lot more experienced and streamline seem and truly feel to it.

A different explanation may perhaps be that you are holding a specific celebration just for your subscribers or are offering added special discounts for your joint undertaking partners and want to create a concealed page that your standard web site visitors can’t come across. Possessing a concealed page, so prolonged as you don’t link to it from any other resource apart from in an e-mail, will signify that the lookup engines won’t select up the concealed page both.

No matter what the explanation, generating a concealed page in Joomla is quite uncomplicated to established up.

The initially point you need to have to do when generating your concealed page is to create a new article in your Joomla Report Supervisor. Place regardless of what information and facts you want all those who land on your page to see and when you are finished, save it. When you have saved it and your display need to now be demonstrating a checklist of all the content you have written. Come across your newly written article and check the article id number which will look on the much right hand side column below the column heading ID. Choose a note of this number.

Upcoming you need to have to go to your menu supervisor and create a new menu called “concealed”. It is simpler to established it up like this so that you can preserve observe of all your concealed webpages. When you have established up your concealed menu, you need to have to link the article you have just written to a new menu product inside this newly made concealed menu. Immediately after attaching the article to a menu product, take down the id number of the menu product as you will need to have this later on. It will look on the much right hand column below the column heading ItemID.

Finally, the piece of code that you need to have to aid your visitors come across this page is:

Exchange the xx of the article&id with the id number of the article you have written (ID) and change the yy of the Itemid with the menu id number (ItemID). It is constantly a fantastic concept to check that it has worked by putting the completed code into your browser.

Recall to preserve this piece of code in a risk-free place for the subsequent time you want to create a concealed page.

By Lesley J Johnston

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